Student Support Center

Based on the High mission of Arab Open University the Student Support Center (SSC) offers its services for students of all levels. The center has been launched to be a participant of the University’s vision of providing and coordinating services to students in order to increase the effectiveness of the system of learning and education, and to complement the services offered by the Arab Open University. The center helps students to achieve personal, academic and professional goals through constructive and positive interaction. SSC also provides the necessary support and tutoring to help students to increase their understanding of the curriculum. In addition, the SSC seeks to develop the necessary skills of learning to enhance students’ confidence in their abilities. In addition SSC reassure positive view of the process of learning and the University in general. SSC also supervises the services of PASS tutors.

The services of the center are provided for free for all university students.

SSC weekly activities

  • Grammar Monday: written grammar activities are distributed every Monday to students to strengthen their English language and grammar.
  • Free Reading Wednesdays: where students are trained to read and speak English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Synchronized listening and reading Activity (listening to a story and trying to follow at the same time by reading aloud)
  • The Center supports the initiative (Read to elevate) to promote the culture of reading among students.


1 pm- 7 pm

Contact Information

Center Team

Entesar Sami
Entesar SamiStudent Support Supervisor
+968 24957370