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Online Services (SIS)

Via Online Services Portal, student can register courses, see academic plan, check results  and more information about the student.


Which password should I use for Online Service?2017-04-17T13:00:44+04:00

If its your first time using Online Service (SIS), then your password will be the same as your student ID. For example, if your student ID is 120111, then password will be 120111 .

In case you forgot your Online Service password you can request password reset by clicking here.

Please note that Online Service password is different than LMS and email passwords.

When I can check my results?2017-04-16T14:32:45+04:00

Student can check his/her results shortly after online exams. For the midterm results should be published in 2-3 weeks after the last exam. For final exams, results publish date can be found in the academic calendar

How much are registration fees?2017-04-16T14:38:29+04:00

Once student register any course there will be an automatically amount of 50.5 R.O added to student balance which is non-refundable. Moreover, semester fees amount depends on the registered courses which is varies from course to another.

Is it possible to drop any registered course?2017-04-16T12:34:03+04:00

Yes. Student is allowed to drop any course during registration and add & drop period. In the first week after add & drop period dropping any course will cost 30% of its fee. Droping any course after that week will cost 100% of course’s fees.

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