Academic Support

All full time and part time academic staff has both regular office hours which are posted on the doors of academic staff. A student can either drop in during the scheduled office hours or book an appointment to meet the staff member. Students can also utilize the learning management system (LMS) to send messages to the academic staff of a particular course and/or engage in online chatting with both staff and fellow students.


PASS is peer assisted student support. Oman Branch utilizes exceptional students who have completed specialization courses to provide tutoring assistance to their fellow students who are presently taking these courses. Every semester a schedule is announced for PASS sessions conducted by these exceptional students. This service is available for all AOU Oman students.

Student Counseling

Oman Branch provides professional counseling services for students who encounter personal or social problems. These services are provided by qualified staff for both female and male students. These services are available through appointment, as well as through the branch website, where students can post their issues and get answers or guidance from the professional staff. Professional self-development workshops and seminars are also conducted on campus.

Student Committee

Oman Branch has formed the Student Committee which is comprised of the heads of all student societies. This committee acts as the main voice of students and coordinates with branch managements. The elected head of the Student Committee is a member of the Branch Council, which is the highest body at the branch level.

Contact Information