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Executive Education Program


Business Strategy & Innovation

Achieving and sustaining Business advantage

Program Description:


If you are enrolling for this program, you probably have some exposure to Strategy & Innovation, and would like to further enhance your understanding and doing Strategy and Innovation (Strategy is something to do, not just to have).

In todays changing world, characterized as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, you need to constantly renew your thinking and actions in Strategy and Innovations arena, which would help you drive your organization to greater performance and success.

Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build sustainable businesses?

Are you in search of knowing how to improve or transform your organization?

Are you trying to find innovative ways doing business to replace old outdated ways?

Then, this program is for you……
This program is specifically designed to provide you with the proven, practical body of Strategy and Innovation knowledge and skills that you need to demonstrate mastery on the job. The skills and knowledge you gain in this program will help you increase your competitive edge in being a strategist or a contributor to strategy.

Course Objectives

To thrive in today’s competitive and rapidly changing world , Senior and Middle level executives must be able to design and deliver corporate strategies that create and capture lasting value for the organization and its stakeholders.

This program empowers the executives (Senor and Middle) to explore, identify and exploit opportunities and design robust strategies and execute the same to build and sustain competitive and collaborative advantage.

This program will strengthen their understanding of Strategy and Innovation. It introduces them to the cutting-edge strategy and innovation tools to help their organization to achieve and sustain leadership position.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to apply the recent and proven practices of Strategy and Innovation to successfully lead their organizations.

The curriculum focuses on three phases of Strategy: Analysis, Choice and Execution.

Participants will:

  • Get started with understanding “Strategy” and “Innovation”.
  • Identify Internal and external influences on Strategy and Innovation
  • Identify and manage Stakeholder expectations
  • Work with Strategy and Innovation processes
  • Develop Strategic Options
  • Evaluate Strategic Options
  • Chose a Strategic Options Executing a chosen Strategic option
  • Manage Change
  • Manage Innovation
  • Manage Structure and Culture
  • Control Strategy
  • Renewing Strategy

Target participant

This program is designed for Senior and Middle level executives who are responsible for Business Strategy in companies across wide range of Industries including Manufacturing, Consumer products, Financial services, Tourism, Hospitality, Professional services, Energy and Logistics. To foster teamwork and maximize learning impact AOU – FBS encourages individuals and teams to apply.


Awareness of the importance of Strategy and Innovation in the organizations success and sustainability. Willing to learn, share and collaborate.
Executive Education programs enhance the leadership capacity of the managers enrolled as well as their organizations, and AOU-FBS expects full commitment from both. While participants devote time and intellect to the learning experience, sponsoring organizations agree to relieve individuals of their work responsibilities during the program.

Course Content:

  1. Strategy, Strategizing and Strategist
  • Understanding Strategy: Deliberate vs Emergent, Positioning, Resource based view
  • Identifying your approach to Strategy
  • Understanding Different approaches to Strategy: Classical,Adaptive, Visionary, Shaping, Renewal and Ambidexterity
  • Appreciate the Process of Strategy making
  • Exposed to Competencies of a Strategist

2. Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

  • Nature of Strategic Thinking
  • Types of Strategic Leadership
  • Applying Strategic Leadership
  • Developing Strategic Leadership

3. Innovators DNA

  • Discovery Skill 1: Associating
  • Discovery Skill 2: Questioning
  • Discovery Skill 3: Observing
  • Discovery Skill 4: Networking
  • Discovery Skill 5: Experimenting

4. Value Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Uncovering the hidden pain points that limit the size of your Industry
  • Discovering an Ocean of Noncustomers
  • Systematically reconstructing Market boundaries
  • Developing Alternative Blue Ocean Opportunities
  • Selecting blue ocean move and conducting rapid market tests
  • Launching your blue ocean move

5. Creating Competitive, Cooperative and Collaborative advantage

  • Sustainable versus Transient Advantage
  • Collaborative advantage
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Virtual Teams
  • Importance of Social Capital

6. Business Model Innovation

  • Nine Building Blocks of a Business Model
  • Business Model Patterns
  • Design Thinking for Business Model Innovation
  • Re-interpreting strategy through the lens of Business ModelCanvas

7. Designing Customer Value Proposition

  • Customer Profiling, Value Map and Fit
  • Prototyping possibilities
  • Testing the value proposition
  • Reinventing Constantly

8. Strategy Execution

  • Building Blocks of Execution
  • Core Processes of Execution
  • Disciplines of Execution
  • Balanced Business Scorecard
  • Strategy Articulation
  • Strategy Translation
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Strategy Review, Improve and Adapt