Student Guidance

Students are the core interest of the Arab Open University, like all universities and colleges, so it works its best to provide psychological and social compatibility for them in every way. It is committed to caring about their well-being so that it can create strong, healthy individuals who are capable of facing modern life and at the same time can contribute to building their country and serving it.

In addition to academic education, the university must develop the personality of its students by providing a lot of student guidance services in the psychological, social and academic fields, and helping students to understand themselves, discover their abilities and talents and solve their problems using the correct methods. The department provides the following services to students and the community following the methods of preventive, developmental and therapeutic guidance.

Services Provided by The Student Guidance:

Student Counseling

It is a counselling session between the student counselor and a student, who suffers from a slight incompatibility, or has a certain difficulty that s/he cannot face himself/herself and needs help in making a specific decision. The counseling session is conducted by telephone or the website.

Individual guidance

It is a service provided to students who suffer from psychological or social problems, and it is done individually for a number of sessions using the Individual Case Study Form.

Group Guidance

This service is provided to a group of students whose problems are similar using the scientific approaches for group counselling.

Extended Guidance

These services are provided to the students wherever they are, whether at the university or at the campus, in addition to conducting workshops that develop their personality.

Community Service

It provides public lectures that focus on dealing with various issues in the community and conducting seminars and lectures in different aspects.