Alumni Club

Communication and strengthening ties with the university’s graduates are one of the main objectives of the university. To emphasis these goals and to enhance the role of graduates in developing the university, AOU-Oman founded “The Graduates Club” under the patronage of the university’s Director, Dr. Moosa bin Abdullah Al Kindi. The Club aims at bringing closer the graduates’ community by their participation in improving the image of the university and spreading its message in the communities and institutions in which they work and socialize, and by following them up after graduation and offering some training opportunities.

Therefore, the university has outlined The Graduates’ Club Regulations, and has appointed a council that constitutes of representatives of all graduates from every branch. It is apparent that supporting communication with the graduates has many benefits for the university and its graduates, the most important of which are:

  • Graduates offer different forms of material and moral support for the university in addition to ensuring the continuity of their feedback to the university, especially on curricula development and aspects of practical training and employment of the university graduates.
  • The university provides graduates with continuous education opportunities, like development workshops and postgraduate programs, as well as giving them the chance to represent it in and local, regional and international conferences and symposiums and to represent them in communicating with private and government institutions to support the university’s various institutions. Moreover, it invits them to graduation ceremonies and to participate in the university’s scientific, sports and cultural activities.

There is no doubt that the modern communication media to strengthen ties between the university and its graduates on one hand and between the graduates themselves from the university’s other branches on the other hand will have many positive impacts on Arabic societies and the university and its graduates. The university is indeed very proud of its graduates and always wishes them more success and excellence in their various activities.

Note: You can be a member of The Graduates Club as soon as you graduate.