Department of Student Affairs

It is a vital department that serves students in different aspects of university life from the time the student joins the university until s/he graduates. It is responsible for managing the academic departments and running the facilities and services. The department supervises students’ sitting areas, the cafeteria and the clinic, in addition to receiving suggestions, managing all difficulties that encounter students and directing them to the relevant department.

Here are some of the services that it covers:

  • Preparing the student’s guide.
  • Organizing a guidance program for students.
  • Organizing student’s guidance services.
  • Coordinating and supporting the activities of the students’ societies.
  • Supervising students’ facilities.
  • Executing and managing the Student Conduct Policy.

The Committee of Student Affairs supervises this department. It compromises of academic and administration employees, and they are assigned to approve the policies and plans of the department.

The Student Fund

Every academic year, the Student Fund receives applications electronically during an announced specified period according to the following conditions:

  • The student must have completed two semesters with a GPA not less than 2.
  • Funds are not per semester, but according to the decision of the Student Fund.
  • The student must be from a social security or limited income family.
  • Submit official documents as evidence to the Department of Student Affairs.

Contact Information

Department Team

Shabiba Al Sulaimani
Shabiba Al SulaimaniHoD
+968 24957321
Haasna Al Hajri
Haasna Al HajriStaff
+968 24957322
Ashba Al Makhmari
Ashba Al MakhmariStaff
+968 24957380