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Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs is the unit which is concerned with a number of student affairs services, such as:

  • Preparation of Student Guide
  • Organizing new student orientation program
  • Organizing student counseling services
  • Coordinating and supporting activities of student societies
  • Supervising student facilities
  • Implementation and management of student conduct policies.

Student Affairs is also advised by the Student Affairs Committee which comprises academic and administrative staff, and is charged with approving student affairs polices and plans.

Career Counseling

Oman Branch has recently established a career advice and alumni committee. The aim of this committee is to set career advice policies and systems and suggest implementation plans. In addition, alumni activities and procedures are to be proposed for implementation during the academic year 2011/2012. Although a few Oman Branch students are expected to finish their studies by the end of the academic year 2010/2011, the first reasonable batch of students are expected to finish their studies by the end of the first semester 2011/2012. The first graduation ceremony for Oman Branch is scheduled in November 2012. A professional career advice staff member is expected to join Oman Branch in October 2011.

Contact Information

Department Team

Shabiba Al Sulaimani
Shabiba Al SulaimaniHoD
+968 24957321
Haasna Al Hajri
Haasna Al HajriStaff
+968 24957322
Ashba Al Makhmari
Ashba Al MakhmariStaff
+968 24957380