Research Grants


There are many types of internal grants available for AOU staff members and students. The following table summarizes the name of the grant, purpose, and allocated budget.

1Applied Research Grant (ARG)ARG is meant to foster University relevance to, and links with industry and community, and may mainly finance projects that are unable to generate external funding. Its goal is to contribute to finding solutions to societal and economic problems, and, at the same time, strengthen research excellence of the University.Individuals: up to a maximum of  USD 10000


Branch multi-staff projects: up to a maximum of  USD 15000

2Seed Grant (SG)SG can be applied to for the purpose of collecting data needed to develop proposals to be submitted for external fundingUp to a maximum of USD 5000
3Community-Industry Collaboration Fund (CICF)supports new or existing research initiatives to start or expand research collaboration with community and/or industryIt is based on joint funding, may involve joint research, and the external funding must provide in cash at least 50% of the cost of the project
4Early Career and New Staff Grant (ECNSG)This grant is earmarked for two purposes: to encourage early career members of staff (below Assistant Professor rank) to further their career development, and to support new members of academic staff, regardless of their rank, to accomplish research projects relevant to the University priorities.Individual projects:  Up to a maximum of USD 3000


Joint projects: Up to a maximum of USD 5000


5Institutional Research Grant (IRG)This grant programme is intended to fund projects that evaluate University or a specific branch performance and relevance in one or more specific area, and/or that explore new ways of fostering excellence and relevance of the University/branchIs considered subject to availability of funds
6Research Excellence Award (REA)REA is awarded not only on recognition of outstanding research contribution by members of staff, but also to support their current or future research workUp to a maximum of USD 3000
7Symposia and Conference Grant (SCG)-The University encourages organisation of research symposia, seminar series and conferences that aim at promoting research excellence in areas of priority to the branch and/or the University that can yield publishable material in form of papers, monographs or books.

– Members of staff intending to present papers to conferences outside the University may apply to this grant programme.

–  Symposium or seminar series: Up to a maximum of USD 2500


Conference: Up to a maximum of USD 5000


Staff member presenting paper in a conference: Up to a maximum of USD 2000

External grants

AOU Oman Branch has been linked by The Research Council (TRC) in Oman to facilitate applying for funded projects for our faculty members. For applying click here

Funding conference attendance

The Research Committee encourages all faculty members to apply for sound conferences that can help them publish their papers in indexed journals. Each faculty members has the opportunity to be supported from AOU once every year.

In order to apply for a conference fund from AOU you need to submit the following documents, electronically, to the Research Support Center e-mail ( 10 to 12 weeks before the conference date:

  1. Conference participation form (attached in the forms section).
  2. Supplementary form (attached in the forms section).
  3. Research paper.
  4. Acceptance letter.
  5. Registration fees and conference dates printed from their website.

Once any faculty member submits the previous documents, they are discussed in the nearest Research Committee meeting and then sent to the branch director for endorsement before sending to the HQ.