Research and Development Committee main responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the Branch Research and Development Committee are:

  • Planning research activities at the branch and reviewing it.
  • Reviewing research applications and making recommendations to the Central Research and Development Committee.
  • Reviewing conference attendance applications and recommending to Central Research and Development Committee and related deanship.
  • Identifying possible sources of funding sponsoring research activities.
  • Establishing links with local institutions and research centers.
  • Analyzing research needs of the staff and planning for meeting such needs through workshops, training, seminars etc.
  • Encouraging Faculty to conduct individual/group research projects.
  • Encouraging the creation of research groups among the branch with the participation of students.
  • Encourage programs to set their research plans every year based on the research objectives of the branch.
  • Discussing the staff applications for the Joint Supervision Programs in order to ensure adherence to the requirements stated in the relevant Bylaws, and recommend potential nominee to the Central Research and Development Committee.
  • Encouraging staff to upload their published papers in the Repository page in the AOU web site.
  • Recording and updating the publication list of the Oman branch.


Dr. Walid Aboraya
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Dr. Raya Al Kharusi
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