Public Relations and Media Department

Major responsibilities

  • Prepare annual plans and follow up their implementation after they are approved
  • Prepare paper and electronic materials for various university events in coordination with the concerned departments
  • Coordinate with the visual and print media to cover up events the university events
  • Cover the news of the university
  • Establish new and positive relations with the media and their correspondents in order to highlight the role of the university
  • Conduct studies and provide suggestions that are needed to develop the working environment
  • Participate in exhibitions that serve education in small, medium and large scales
  • Coordinate the organization of the university events like conferences, celebrations and exhibitions
  • Coordinate with faculty members and other university staff to facilitate publishing of their contributions
  • Publish the university advertisements
  • Coordinate with the Purchase Department regarding the reception and accommodation of the university guest visitors
  • Supervise the university guests’ visiting program
  • Contribute to the various committees required by the work environment at the university such as graduation ceremonies and conferences
  • Provide souvenirs for guests and visitors
  • Supervise the reception (lobby) of the university
  • Supervise the Call Center
  • Consolidate the culture of public relations and media among the university employees

About the Department

Public Relations and Media Department seeks to achieve the university’s planned goals, support members of the community and provide a positive role in all marketing areas related to the university including its educational and academic identity; all achieved through an integrated system governed by the social responsibility included in the Education Policy of the Sultanate of Oman.

Department Team

Saif Al Kharusi
Saif Al KharusiHoD
+968 24957328
Yousuf Al Kharousi
Yousuf Al KharousiStaff
+968 24957329
Mohammed Al Shibli
Mohammed Al ShibliStaff
+968 24957330
Said Al Salmani
Said Al SalmaniStaff
+968 24957336