IT Support Department

The department provides IT services to support the Arab Open University/ Oman branch through a wide range of services to support the work of students, administrative staff, and academics.

We also have the expertise to provide professional services and consultation when needed, to provide comprehensive support and advice to staff and students in the application of new and existing technology to promote various services.

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting the Arab Open University /Oman branch in its mission as a leading university in the field of open research and teaching at the local and Gulf levels. To achieve this, technology services will:

  • Respond to the University’s diverse requirements
  • Provide leadership and partnership to promote the effective use and development of the university’s dissemination technology
  • To be a major catalyst for strategic change in the university
  • Providing high-quality, robust and secure daily services, with innovation and forecasting futuristic needs
  • Develop IT skills through education, training, and support

Services provided

Teaching, learning and research services

The department provides online learning environments for students and academics. We also support researchers with a range of web-based applications and tools for digital search and data configuration.

The department also provides access to IT services for everyone at the university to provide tools to expand participation, giving the university a stronger digital presence that allows us to share knowledge and build partnerships with the public and the local community.


Management Services

The department provides access to IT systems that manage student records, finance, human resources, and development. We also provide and support desktop services to central parts of the university. As well, a large part of our competence is maintaining university systems to keep on safe.

Staff Services

The department provides a wide range of services to support employees in their work for the university. These services include basic e-mail, access to resources when users are outside the university network, repairing computer systems and backups to maintain important data to remain more secure. Communication services also support a number of office phones at the university.

Student Services

The department provides support for students’ needs, from accessing the Internet to find course resources in learning or even getting different educational information. Our help center is also ready to provide technical support and advice when needed.

Infrastructure Services

It is the foundation of daily life throughout the university. We provide the basic infrastructure for network communications, Internet access, e-mail and other key activities – as well as technical support when needed.

Contact Information

Department Team

Muntasar Al Zakwani
Muntasar Al ZakwaniHoD
Sijo Joseph
Sijo JosephDeveloper

Assistant Team

Zaki Ahmed
Zaki AhmedTechnical Support
+968 24957333
Niyas Mohammed
Niyas MohammedTechnical Support
+968 24957333