Human Resources and Administrative Affairs

The importance of this department stems from the fact that it selects the cadres responsible for the production process in the branch. The department is very careful in the selection of these cadres who are qualified with great competence and who conquer utmost working skills. One of the most important tasks of the department is the recruitment of highly qualified and skilled employees, and working on increasing job satisfaction and delivering human resources policies to all employees in the institution, as well as the qualifying and developing of cadres through the provision of training and development opportunities.

Department Team

Ms.Alya Al Salihi
Ms.Alya Al SalihiHoD
Qasim Al Hadhrami
Qasim Al HadhramiStaff
+968 24957307
Yahya Al Shibli
Yahya Al ShibliStaff
+968 24957376
Saeed Al Farsi
Saeed Al FarsiStaff
+968 24957335
Salim Al Siyabi
Salim Al SiyabiStaff
+968 24957335
Mohammed Kutty
Mohammed KuttyStaff
Irshan Mubarak
Irshan MubarakStaff
Niyaz Ahmed
Niyaz AhmedStaff
Sultan Al Qassabi
Sultan Al QassabiStaff
Saeed Al Yahiyai
Saeed Al YahiyaiStaff
Khalaf Al Badi
Khalaf Al BadiStaff