Career Guidance and Graduates

Alumni Club

To emphasis these goals and to enhance the role of graduates in developing the university, AOU-Oman founded “The Graduates Club” under the patronage of the university’s Director, Dr. Moosa bin Abdullah Al Kindi. The Club aims at bringing closer the graduates’…

Career Guidance Activities and Graduates

Several activities and events are held, mainly aimed at preparing the graduates about the job market and educating them about it.

Graduation Ceremonies

The Arab Open University – Oman is proud to graduate a distinguished elite of its graduates every year, an event that is very beautiful that it remains very long in memories. The graduation day is a culmination of all the excreted efforts in the years of study filled with hard work, patience and persistence on achieving success.

Updating the Graduates’ Information

Dear Graduate…

Please update your personal information regularly to ensure direct communication between you and the university’s administration regarding graduates.

Contact Information

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