Admission and Registration Department

The admission & registration department is responsible for variety of tasks. The most responsibilities are centered on: student admission, student record, student registration, timetable and a part of examination tasks.  The dept. also has a help desk manned by full time staffs that are trained to provide customer service between 8am and 8pm on all working days. Students requesting for services that are not related to A&R department are guided to the respective department.
The student can enroll to our university using our online admission which is available in admission part in Homepage. In addition, students can apply for equalization through online application and the applicant will get the initial and final equalized courses through the email registered in the application. One the other side, AOU is using online services which allow students to register the courses and view the timetable. Academic plan, student transcript, appeals and other services are provided by online services too.

Contact Information

Department Team

Assad Al Ghafri
Assad Al GhafriHoD
+968 24957311
Hamed Al Husaini
Hamed Al HusainiStaff
+968 24957312
Ms.Ashba Al Makhmari
Ms.Ashba Al MakhmariStaff
+968 24957380
Khalaf Al Abri
Khalaf Al AbriStaff
+968 24957315