The Foundation Studies Unit organized its fourth professional development seminar on 19th December (Thursday). The presenters were Mr. Saif Holey Ali and Ms. Elnaz Valaei who are both lecturers in the FSU.

Ms. Elnaz Valaei started the seminar with her presentation entitled “The Concept of Phobia in the Classrooms Instructed in English Language”. This presentation highlighted the types of phobia and the reasons Omani students at the Arab Open University experience them during their learning process. The main focus was on students` feelings such as shyness, anxiety and fear which they experience in the classroom and which prevents them from engaging well in class activities.

The second presentation, entitled “How to Teach Paragraph Reading” was given by Mr. Saif Ali. This presentation began with the definition of a paragraph. Then, the presenter provided the audience with handouts including some examples of paragraph reading along with a number of comprehension questions. He also explicated, in a practical way, the steps of teaching each paragraph.