In light of cooperation with other HEIs, the Foundation Studies Unit hosted two guest speakers from Bayan College under the frame of best practices and sharing knowledge seminar. The session started with a short introductory speech by Mr. Rafik Massoudi, coordinator of professional development programme at FSU. Tutors of the Foundation Studies Unit as well as some tutors from the Business Administration Department attended this seminar.

The first presenter was Dr. Mohammed Quamruddin Ansari who presented about “Learner Autonomy and the Role of Teacher”. This presentation aimed at highlighting the 21st Century pedagogy that goads teachers to be `co-learners`. Otherwise, it shows new roles that tutors should have in their classrooms including “facilitator of learning, great motivator, catalyst for change, co-communicator and great innovator”.

The second presenter was Mr. Badis Gharbi who gave a presentation about the “Role of Technology in ELT classrooms”. Mr. Badis foregrounded the importance of technology to motivate students in the classroom. In this respect, he showed some examples of useful websites that can be used by tutors such as Kahoot, Read Theory and Socrative. As a practice, he conducted the interactive game Kahoot with the audience who found it very interesting.

In the end of the seminar, certificates and gifts were distributed to the guest participants from Bayan College.