Two tutors teaching Math and IT foundation presented for the first time on 10th October in the professional development forum of the Foundation Studies Unit.

The first presentation titled ‘’Teaching Methods and Strategies’’ was presented by Ms. Latha. The motive behind this presentation was to share the different teaching strategies teachers can adapt to better meet their students’ needs. The workshop investigated many teaching methods that can be used in the classroom. In the first part of the presentation, the presenter begun by defining the meaning of strategies and how important they are in the teaching/learning process. The presenter also demonstrated eight effective teaching methods and strategies teachers can exploit in the classroom with their students. The presenter also shared some of her own personal experiences with her students and how she applies and adapts some of the methods and strategies in her teaching.

The second presentation titled ‘’ How to Control Your Classroom’’ was presented by Mr. Mohammed. The presenter stressed on the importance of establishing strict rules and procedures from early stages, so that classroom management will be easier for the teacher. The presenter also highlighted the most common behavior problems in the classroom that the teacher may encounter, which are not limited to using mobile phones, coming late to classes, dealing with talkative students, dealing with disruptive students, inattentive students. The presenter explained how such misbehavior and misconduct can interfere with the learning process and may hinder the learning environment. He also shared some of his personal experiences on how to intervene and take actions in case of any misconduct.