Faculty of Law


Based on the study conducted on the labor market need for the Bachelor of Law program, the results showed that there is a great demand for the Bachelor of Law holders Omani professionals. The launch of this program by the Arab Open University in the Sultanate will have a major impact on the Omani community because it will help in the Omanization of many jobs in various sectors, as well as bridge the gap that currently exists in the number of universities that offer programs. This, in turn, will help achieve the future vision of Oman of 2020 regarding human resource development.

Program Goals:

The Law program at the Arab Open University aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Providing government agencies with qualified personnel to fill legal positions.
  2. Providing the judicial authorities and the public prosecution with the necessary personnel to fill these jobs.
  3. Providing the private sector with the qualified legal persons to occupy these businesses.
  4. Providing legal advice to the various authorities in the country.
  5. Developing scientific research in the legal fields by holding conferences and seminars.
  6. Organizing training courses and workshops for legal professionals.
  7. Spreading a culture of continuing education in society.
  8. Instilling ideal values and professional ethics for the law man.

Program Vision :

The program seeks to be a distinguished program in the field of legal study in order to be able to compete at the local and regional levels.

Learning outcomes of the program:

  • Student knows the rules of law.
  • Student interprets the legal texts.
  • Adapts the facts and legal actions.
  • It applies legal texts to various facts.
  • It compares legislative texts, jurisprudence opinions and judicial rulings.
  • It develops rules of law to cope with new developments.
  • He writes researches, legal notes and case papers.
  • He works as a team player with his team mates and bosses.
  • It adheres to the ethics and traditions of society.
  • He uses information technology in his work.