Dean Message

Prof Omar Al-Jarrah
Prof Omar Al-JarrahFaculty Dean

We are committed to provide high-quality education, which is not only recognized nationally and regionally but also internationally as being relevant, updated and recent. We are welcoming partners around the world including reputable institutions and leading companies and have developed programs to provide you with a degree that is useful in the world of business and the community you are living in and we give you the knowledge of the skills to excel in your career. By studying with us you will be able to study in your own country but benefit from the expertise and reputation of The Arab Open University, a leading university of employability. Your studies will also encourage you to consider entrepreneurship ideas after graduation. This degree is highly practical in nature keeping in view the market needs of the middle east regime.

The academic staff at FCS is highly knowledgeable, competent and professional with appropriate qualifications from world-renowned ranked universities.  The academic research of the staff members plays a high role in providing up to date education to students at FCS. The academic staff is approachable and available to the students through availability during office hours and through AOU’s LMS platform. The student body at AOU is a diverse group of people comprising students from many nationalities and ethnic groups. The diversity and multiculturalism at AOU is a result of our openness to accept students without any bias of religion, nationalities or ethnicity.

We hope you come to study with us and join the university that you will be proud of today, a university that will be proud of you. Furthermore, together we will work extremely hard to allow you to achieve your academic progress as well as your life long ambitions.

You are invited to browse through our site to be familiar with our programs and our people.
If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us.​