Dean Message

Professor Ashraf Saad Hussein
Professor Ashraf Saad HusseinDean of the Faculty of Computer Studies

The Faculty of Computer Studies (FCS) is one of four Faculties at the Arab Open University which were established in 2002 by AGFUND. It provides its graduates with high quality education which meets the needs of the market in the areas of Information Technology and Computing (ITC), Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Computing (C ) and Computing with Business (CWB).
FCS provides learning opportunities to students who are working and have families and cannot afford full-time study. Our graduates receive two awards: an AOU award and an award that is validated by the Open University in UK.

Our curricula and learning material are adapted from material used in  the OU in UK in addition to locally developed learning material which is essential for local accreditation by the ministries of Higher Education in the Arab countries. FCS uses a blended learning mode to deliver technology enhanced education and link the barriers of time, space and different learning styles.  Quality assurance is one of our main tools to assure the provision of high quality education which meets the expectations of our students and the job offering companies.

The FCS at AOU prepares it graduates for careers in the continuously growing IT area. A very unique characteristic of our graduates is that they are prepared for life- long learning and are armed with both communication and technology skills which help them face the challenges of the fast developing IT field.

FCS offers the students to complete their education towards a BSc degree in computing and information technology in addition to the flexibility of getting a certificate or diploma if they want to quit from the program for any reason.
FCS also provides a Master Program in Software Development for those who are willing to get a master degree in that field.
I urge all of our students to exercise ethical practices and work hard towards achievement of intended goals.