Dean Message

Professor Mohammad Tawalbeh
Professor Mohammad TawalbehDean of Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education plays a vital role in meeting the Arab Open University’s philosophy and aspirations to contribute to the development of educational systems in the Arab world and to fulfill their educational needs. The Faculty works towards these philosophies and aspirations by providing access to education for all students and all levels of manpower through its various programmes in specialised areas.

The faculty aims to train and qualify students that pursue a career in public and higher education. Specifically, our faculty provides students with the scientific and professional training that prepares them for those careers, and our instruction is given in light of the most recent global trends.
The faculty also aims at contributing to and improving our society, generally, and assisting in the development of the Arab individual, specifically. This way we may meet the objective of sustaining the development of our society in a way that is consistent with its beliefs, values, and trends. The faculty also contributes to the development of theoretical and applied research and the development of mutual cooperation with various institutions in the field of academics and educational growth.
The Faculty of Education seeks to achieve its vision, mission, and goals through developmental and evaluative procedures that occur periodically in the academic field. It also seeks to expand its undergraduate and graduate studies (Master’s programmes) in accordance with the needs and requirements of communities across various Arab countries, such that the communities may employ qualified workers in educational and psychological fields.