Faculty of Business Studies

Arab Open University’s Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) is non-traditional in approach, creative in application, and unique in perspective. FBS is the Arab World’s most comprehensive Blended learning business school, offering the full spectrum of business and management education options from single courses through to bachelor’s and, master’s degrees- all delivered with the flexibility, accessibility and quality that students expect from AOU leading blended learning university.

AOU’s Faculty of Business studies Values the following:

  • Excellence. The search for excellence is the hallmark of all FBS endeavors.

  • Learning. Student learning and satisfaction are measures of our success.

  • Scholarly research. We engage in reflective practice through the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching

  • Free exchange of ideas. A respectful climate for open discourse promotes innovation, discovery and social responsibility.

  • Openness and flexibility. Reducing barriers to education enhances access and social equity. We value diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Diversity. Diversity and inclusiveness enhance the quality both of learning and of the workplace.

  • Our employees. The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every employee contribute to our success.

  • Accountability. We are accountable to our students, to each other and to the public.

AOU’s Faculty of Business studies aims to:

  • Provide students with the knowledge to succeed in their chosen field and ensure the development of skills in problem solving, ethical decision making, communications, teamwork, and leadership.

  • Increase students’ abilities and confidence to handle managerial, financial and administrative activities.

  • Enable students understand how key forces like the economy, the state and the system influence and interact with business.

  • Teach students how to apply the most recent and innovative developments in systems thinking to areas such as information systems, organizational change and professional practice.

  • Acquire and provide knowledge about the different approaches to the analysis and explanation of business problems; how to set targets and plan how to achieve them.

  • Attract, and retain faculty dedicated to education, scholarship and the mission of the FBS.

  • Attract and develop outstanding students who are dedicated to intellectual excellence.

  • Produce primarily basic research, with supporting efforts in applied and pedagogical research that contributes to and complements the mission the AOU.

  • Develop the skills of independent learning through activities of face to face and distance learning.

  • Provide opportunities for continued involvement, education, and professional growth of its graduates.