As part of encouraging community engagements with other HEIs, Foundation Studies Unit of Arab Open University Oman visited Bayan College Oman to exchange best practices of the strategies which were implemented successfully with the foundation students.  Ms Ansa Sathyadas, Ms Latha Sundarajan and Ms Wided Labidi shared the best practices on Thursday 17 October 2019 [...]

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AOU participated in Avenir 2019

As part of Community Engagement, Arab Open University Oman ء, the annual career guidance conference organized by Board of Directors, Indian Schools Oman, at Indian School Al Seeb, Muscat. Students from 45 Indian Schools at Oman participated in this mega event. Dr.Raya Al Kharusi, Mr.Saif Al Kharusi, Dr.Sherimon P.C, Ms.Shanlini Narayanan, Dr.Subramnian Muthuraman, Dr.Kablay P [...]

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Second Seminar Report- 10th October 2019

    Two tutors teaching Math and IT foundation presented for the first time on 10th October in the professional development forum of the Foundation Studies Unit. The first presentation titled ‘’Teaching Methods and Strategies’’ was presented by Ms. Latha. The motive behind this presentation was to share the different teaching strategies teachers can adapt [...]

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FSU conducts Seminar -4th October 2019

On 4th March 2019, the Foundation Studies Unit conducted its first professional development meet for the fall semester. This seminar and workshop featured a new part-time tutor of English Foundation. The presentation under the theme of Teaching Methodology titled ‘How to use authentic materials in the classroom’ by Ms. Roshni Michael focused on practical techniques [...]

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