A formal induction and orientation session were conducted for both full time and part time staff of the Foundation Studies Unit on 18th September 2019 for the new semester and the new academic year 2019-2020.

Dr.Moosa AlKindi, the University Director addressed the gathering and stressed upon total commitment towards teaching and dissemination of responsibilities. Certificates of appreciation were presented to tutors who participated in professional development seminars held in the previous semester. The orientation given by Ms. Shalini Narayanan, Head of the Foundation Studies Unit, mainly dealt with the reiteration of key points and the upcoming GFP Audit. The importance of attending awareness sessions was emphasized along with essential information regarding the University. Tutors were reminded of important events at the Foundation Studies Unit for the semester that included professional development seminars, meetings and other activities. The new tutors for this semester were welcomed and were requested to contribute and participate in all the activities of the Foundation Studies Unit.

The Assistant Heads of the Foundation Studies Unit, Mr. Is’haq AlNaibi And Mr. Mohammed AlNaemi delivered a talk on their roles, responsibilities and their expectations from tutors. Course coordinators Ms. Kremena Krumova, Mr.Is’haq AlNaibi and Ms.  Ansa Sathyadas and Ms. Latha Sundarajan and Mr. Mohammed AlNaemi also delivered a focused induction to tutors teaching the respective three English foundation levels, Math Foundation and IT Foundation respectively that encompassed new changes that are going to be implemented with regard to assessments and other procedures.