On 21st March 2019, the English Language Unit conducted its second professional development meet for the spring semester. This seminar featured a guest speaker, Mr.Abdullah AlRawahi (CLFS-Acting Director) from A’Sharqiya University.



The presentation under the theme of Teaching Methodology titled ‘Kahoot, Transform your Classroom into a Game Showby Mr.Abdullah Rawahi showcased an technological application that can be used by tutors and students. This free to use application enables a tutor to create quizzes and other supplementary materials which can be used as an alternative method to regular classroom teaching. The presenter conducted a study with his level 3 students to attempt to find out the effectiveness of this application. This was accomplished by pre-test and a post-test on the items tested and it revealed that students did show an improvement in their learning.

The presenter also suggested that this activity can be done to break the monotony of a class rather than be used regularly. The ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the application was discussed which focused on the roadmap of the application along with a demonstration of the application. Mr.AlRawahi further elaborated that as this a free application, it only requires the user to create an account. This online application is also mobile friendly, and it is not necessary for students to have access to computer.