On 18th March 2019, the English Language Unit conducted its first professional development meet for the spring semester. This seminar featured two tutors from ELU.

The first presentation under the theme of Teaching Methodology titled ‘I am all earsby Ms.Kremena Krumova focused on practical techniques  of teaching vocabulary to foundation students. This interactive presentation involved all participants as students and showcased different and fun ways to introduce vocabulary pronunciation. They focused on phrases structure, identification of syllables and pronunciation patterns.



Ms. Shahala Naseem under the theme of assessments and her presentation titled ‘Possible ways of digitizing language assessments focused on the various methods used by the presenter wherein she used technology to enhance learning. The use of Storyboard was illustrated, and samples of students’ work were displayed. Videos aided by supplementary material were also used to enhance language proficiency.  The reliability and the authenticity of assessments were discussed. The presenter mentioned that students enjoy using technology and it also promotes independent learning.