On 10th May 2018, the English Language Unit conducted its second professional development meet for the spring semester and the fifth for the academic year. This seminar featured two tutors from ELU.

The first presentation under the theme of Assessments titled “Funny Techniques to Boost Students` Writing Skills”, shed light on some effective writing activities and games for general foundation students. This topic stems from the tremendous importance of writing skills for students whether in their studies or in their future careers. The writing techniques presented were designed in such a way to motivate foundation students to write correctly in English. These techniques also represent good teaching practices that were already implemented and was shared with colleagues.

Ms.Elnaz Valei’s presentation titled “Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom”, is one of the fundamental tools that is required in all professions, especially when people are in direct contact with each other. Being a highly emotional intelligent person means being primarily aware of one’s emotions which leads to understanding and recognizing others’ attitudes and behaviors. In education, teachers’ biggest challenges are students’ misbehavior and lack of motivation. Highly emotional intelligent teachers would be able to connect with their students effectively by controlling and developing their own emotions so that they are able to understand their students’ emotions and attitudes better. This presentation is the literature review of the previous studies conducted to examine teachers’ EI in the classroom. This is an on-going study and it aims to study teachers’ EI and their awareness of this concept and how to develop their students’ social skills.