On January 4, 2018 two tutors of ELU department presented and shared their research findings with their colleagues.

Ms Wided, the first presenter, had conducted research on students’ learning tools, under the title of “Students’ Learning Tools, What is Next?”  The aim of the presentation was to leverage new learning tools for the students, podcasts, and test their effectiveness and usefulness by means of implementation.  The presenter also showed how to produce podcast and how students can benefit from them. She also presented some videos of students’ activities in the podcast.  The presenter aims to conduct another experimental research, next semester, by using the same learning tool in order to enhance students’ learning skills.



The second presenter Ms. Shahala conducted a research on how to improve students’ language skills by using technology. The title of her research was “Technical Tool to Enhance Students’ Language Skills”. Ms. Shahala implemented a digital story telling learning tool to motivate students to read and create a digital story of their own. This technique could successfully engage students in their language learning process by developing their skills in reading and writing. According to the presenter, this tool also applies to all learning theories which again proves the efficiency of implementing the tool in English classrooms.



Both presenters had conducted two types of research in their classrooms which targeted improving students’ learning skills by integrating technology in their learning process.