ELU conducted three events for students to participate in competitions. This was mainly to give them an opportunity for language acquisition outside the classroom environment. Students interested in participating in these activities were noted by the class tutors and the same was communicated to the tutors organizing the activity. Certificates of achievement were given to all winners. Certificates of Participation were given to others.



The first competition was on Reading and Writing for all three foundation levels. Each student was given a story with a set of questions. They had to finish the activity in the stipulated time.  A selected jury marked the students’ attempts.  Prizes and Certificates were also awarded by the jury to the winners.

“Words Treasure” was the title of the second competition and the aim of this competition was to help students study and revise their vocabulary. The activities stressed on meaning of the words, the parts of speech, the spelling and using the words in sentences. Students answered crosswords in the first activity. Then, they were asked to find meanings of some given words using dictionaries. In the final leg of the competition, students were required to fill in missing letters of some words.



A speaking contest was the final activity for the semester. Each participant was expected to present a topic from their text books via power point. After each presentation, other students were free to ask their questions. Students’ performance was assessed based on certain criteria, such as the content, language proficiency, fluency, aids and presentation skills.