The English Language Unit conducted its second professional development meet for the fall semester. This seminar featured a part time tutor from ELU.

Mr.Abdullah AlRiyami’s presentation titled “Active Learning & Learners Involvement” focused on online learning platforms that can be used by tutors in the classroom to activate collaborative learning amongst students.  The use of two mobile apps ‘Kahoot!’ and ‘QR Code Reader’ helped the participants to understand the usefulness of mobile technology in the classroom.

The presentation also focused on assigning quiz modules through these apps and the monitoring methods that can be used by the tutor to assess students’ performance.  Various testing methods by using these mobile platforms was showcased which could bring a varied learning environment in the classroom.

The rationale of bringing technology into the classroom was discussed at length and the conclusion was reiterated that mobile phones can be used to promote language learning given the fact that they are an indispensable tool in today’s lifestyle.