ELU conducts Seminar

On 26th October 2017, the English Language Unit conducted its first professional development meet for the fall semester. This seminar featured two tutors from ELU.

The first presentation under the theme of Assessments titled ‘Question the Questionsby Ms.Ansa Sathyadas focused on the validity and the outcomes of questions in assessments. Different genres of questions were discussed. The presentation also took a practical approach wherein participants were required to identify and differentiate different types of questions according to the structure, outcomes and testing methods. Rationales were discussed for questions that were identified as ‘not valid’. Each genre of question was discussed at length that described the advantages and disadvantages along with what it could accomplish.

Ms. Kremena Krumova under the theme teaching methodology and her presentation titled ‘It’s your turn’ focused on teaching grammar and vocabulary through games. The focus groups are foundation students and the handouts given could be adapted to all three levels of the English foundation courses. These games also serve a breather to break the mundane classroom atmosphere and also ensures learning in a more relaxed atmosphere. Participants were required to ‘play’ the games so as to show the approach, time management and the classroom control required from the tutor.

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