ELU conducts staff induction for Fall 17

A formal orientation session was conducted for both full time and part time staff of the English Language Unit on 28th September 2017 for the upcoming new semester and the new academic year 2017-2018.

Dr. Moosa Al Kindi, Director, welcomed the gathering for the new semester and thanked all staff for their continuous effort and diligent work contributed throughout the last academic year. The keynote address emphasized that all academic processes and procedures should be given importance by fine- tuning the teaching methodology and all processes which would help to maintain and enhance the standard of ELU.

Certificates of appreciation were also presented to tutors who participated in professional development seminars held in the previous semester. A formal induction given by Ms. Shalini Narayanan, program coordinator of the English Language Unit, mainly dealt with the importance of using the best method of course delivery stressing on the use of a well- written lesson plan along with an immediate reflection to address the effectiveness of the lesson. Tutors were reminded of all important events at the English Language Unit for the semester that included student activities, professional development seminars and meeting deadlines.

Course coordinators Ms. Kremena Krumova, Mr.Is’haq AlNaibi and Ms.Ansa Sathyadas also delivered a focused induction to tutors teaching the respective three foundation levels that encompassed new changes that are going to be implemented with regard to assessments and other procedures. A short discussion on the proposed student activities was conducted by Ms Elnaz Bakshyesh and Ms Shahala Nasim. Suggestions from tutors helped to update the proposal.

Refreshments were served to conclude the event.



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