ELU conducted its first professional development meet

On 22nd March 2017, the AOU English Language Unit conducted its first professional development meet for the spring semester. This seminar featured two speakers from the ELU.

The first presenter was by Mr.Salim Al Jahwari, part-time tutor of ELU. His presentation:  “Enhancing Collaborative Learning in Higher Education” focused on classroom management that involves students taking charge of their own learning with the tutor as a facilitator. The myriad benefits of collaborative learning were discussed at length and participants were invited to give their feedback on the possible reasons as to why tutors do not implement collaborative learning in classrooms. Mr.AlJahwari also conveyed that collaborative learning is still an emerging concept but if implemented in classroom will have far reaching benefits as students become independent learners.

The second presentation by Ms. Entesar Sami: “The Writing Center at AOU Oman” provided insights on the services offered at the center. The writing center is now part of the student support center and aims to help all students with assignments and offers other language related support. The writing center aims for ‘better writers’ rather than ‘better writing’ as this would help students to have a better grasp on the writing mechanics. The center works for 30 hours a week and all students are welcome to utilize its services.

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